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Sagittarius wide field mosaic (55 votes)  

Wide field of Galaxy center covering more than 17 interesting Messier and NGC objetcs, labeled in the picture.
Awards & publications:
- NASA Astronomy Picture of Day (APOD) 31/8/2010

- Publicada en "Información y Actualidad Astronómica" del Instituto Astrofísico de Andalucía, número 33 de febrero 2011

This rich wide field area mosaic, composed of two images, located in the center of our Galaxy, which comprise Sagittarious, Ophiucus and Scorpio constellations, contains many interesting Messier objetcs:
M6, M7, M18, M24, M21, M25: Open clusters
- M8: Lagoon Nebula
- M16: Eagle Nebula
- M17: Swan Nebula
- M20: Trifid Nebula
- M28, M22, M19, M62: Globular clusters

And others as:
- NGC6334, Cat's Paw Nebula
- Pipe Nebula, Barnard 59, 65–67, and 78

Este mosaico de dos imagenes de la rica zona del centro de nuestra Galaxia, que comprende las constelaciones de Sagitario, Ophiuco y Escorpión, contiene multitud de objetos Messier interesantes.
- M6, M7, M18, M24, M21, M25: Cúmulos abiertos.
- M8: Nebulosa de la Laguna
- M16: Nebulosa del Ágila
- M17: Nebulosa Omega (el cisne)
- M20: Nebulosa Trífida
- M28, M22, M19, M62: Cúmulos globulares.

Y otros objetos como:
- NGC6334, la huella de gato.
- Nebulosa oscura de La Pipa, Barnard 59, 65–67, y 78.

External links:

APOD page link 31/aug/2010: Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

APOW page link Aug 29 to Sep 4, 2010: Selected first non-professional picture of week.

Información y Actualidad Astronómica, publicación del Instituto Astrofísico de Andalucía. Imagen publicada en el número 33 de febrero 2011, 

Technical details:  
Soria - Spain
Jul 14, 2010
DSRL 18/70mm optics
No reducer
Vixen GPD2 Autostar Meade
Canon 350D no filter
3x180s@800iso (mosaic of 2 images)
Guiding tube:  
No guiding
Guiding camera:  
No guide camera
Guiding software:  
No guide software
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